Mint Plant


Fragrant, bright, and sweet, sprigs of Mint elevate everything that comes out of your kitchen, from cocktails to couscous and pork chops. Use fresh or dried, as a garnish or a flavor note, this fast-growing and easy to maintain herb will become the powerhouse ingredient you won’t know how you cooked without.

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Mint is a perennial with very fragrant, toothed leaves and tiny purple, pink, or white flowers. It has a fruity, aromatic taste. There are many varieties of mint—all fragrant, whether shiny or fuzzy, smooth or crinkled, bright green or variegated. However, you can always tell a member of the mint family by its square stem. Rolling it between your fingers, you’ll notice a pungent scent and think of candy, sweet teas, or maybe even mint juleps. As well as kitchen companions, mints are used as garden accents, ground covers, air fresheners, and herbal medicines. They’re as beautiful as they are functional, and they’re foolproof to grow, thriving in sun and shade all over North America. In fact, mint can be vigorous spreaders, so be careful where you plant it.


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