Lemon grass

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Cymbopogon, also known as lemongrassbarbed wire grasssilky headsCochin grassMalabar grassoily heads or fever grass, is a genus of AsianAfricanAustralian, and tropical island plants in the grass family. Some species (particularly are commonly cultivated as culinary and medicinal herbs because of their scent, resembling that of lemons (Citrus limon). The name cymbopogon derives from the Greek words kymbe ) and pogon  “which mean [that] in most species, the hairy spikelets project from boat-shaped spathes.

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Lemongrass is an herb which belongs to the grass family of Poaceae. It is well known and utilized for its distinct lemon flavor and citrusy aroma.t helps to relief from stomach disorders, insomnia, respiratory disorders, fever, aches, infections and rheumatism. It helps in maintaining optimum cholesterol levels, cellular health, nervous system, healthy skin and immune system. Lemongrass is also effective in treating type 2 diabetes, cancer, and obesity.


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