Grape ivy

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Grape ivy has medium water needs, too, meaning it likes the soil to dry out just a bit before you water it again. Watch overwatering; too much moisture can cause it to drop leaves prematurely. Like with most houseplants, be sure to grow grape ivy in a container that has drainage holes and don’t let excess water accumulate for long periods of time in the plant saucer.

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Grape ivy is for you if you’d like a lush, tropical vine that’s easy to grow to decorate your home or office. Grape ivy is not a very fussy plant so you can enjoy its fine foliage in hanging baskets and other planters around your home.

If grape ivy doesn’t have a support to climb up, it will trail, making it perfect for hanging baskets, tall urns, and other big pots. Give it a trellis and grape ivy will climb to give you a living wall, room divider, or bold, upright accent. Because grape ivy is easy to grow, you can use it in just about any room of your home with medium light, though we’re particularly fond of this beauty in dining rooms, living rooms, and other large spaces.


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