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My Online Nursery is an initiative to connect everyone with our nature. Now a days we all live a very packed and busy lives trying to make it big everyday but what we all forget is our duty towards the mother earth which provides us the living we are in. It’s good to know that more and more people are dedicating a small part of their lives to our nature and trying to play a role in preserving our environment. People don’t have much space in which they live so it’s obvious that not everyone can grow a tree near them but what they can do is keep small plants in their home and take care of it. Many people like having their own garden even if it’s small.
Our mission is to make your experience better in every way we can. We deliver the plant of your choice at your doorstep without you having to visit any nursery or plant shop. We also provide with all the necessary information you must know in order to take care of your plant. We are expanding our reach everyday trying to deliver the plant wherever you want but currently we are based only in Delhi NCR and take orders from the same.

We suggest plant as per your Needs & Choice


There is light-dappled shade and pitch-dark shade – and every level of shade in between. Plants that do well in light shade are more common that you might think; hydrangea, viburnum, paeonia and even some roses. Plants for dense heavy shade are much more difficult and often not as exciting, though still good for working into your garden design; aucuba, vinca, ferns and hosta are all worth considering – they’ll give the space plenty of greenery and substantial ‘body’, as some can be quite large.




Sun-loving plants outnumber shade-loving ones in garden centres as they tend to be those that have the most colour. The world is almost your oyster here if you’re lucky enough to have a garden that benefits from sun all day. Look out for lavandula, salvia, penstemon, roses, geraniums, verbena and herbs, which all like sun.


At first I was scared of ordering my plant from here but as my plant got deliverd I was quite happy with my experience and I would like to recommend MyOnlineNursery to everyone.

Geetanjali Arora

I had quite a great experience with them. They delivered my plant a day before expected and the build quality of the pot is also fascinating.

Saurabh Verma

Thank You s much MyOnlineNursery for helping me to start my own garden. They delivery of it was good and the plant was also packed nicely.

Neeyati Sharma

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